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Our listing service is Efficient, Effective and most importantly, Equitable. To be clear, we are NOT a "Rent-a-MLS" service. As your agent, Me and my team provide for you all the services you would expect from any listing agent. We do not just stick your house on the MLS and disappear. In fact, we provide service most agents do not.

With the proper pricing, exposure and cooperation from our sellers, we will sell your home for the top dollar the market will bear. Period.

From day one we guide you through the process from our initial meeting to the close of escrow. We are there every step of the way.

With roughly twelve years of listing and sales transaction experience and north of $120 million in property sales, I have the knowledge and the experience it takes to help you navigate through the process. In other words, I've done this before and I've done it successfully in all types of markets. Buyers markets, sellers markets and even the worst markets we've seen in decades.

At the end of the day, most experienced real estate agents will perform the same job for you that will ultimately get your home sold and for top dollar. We are no different. We all know what needs to be done and can properly guide you through the process. Weather it’s your first home sale or tenth, a good experienced agent is an extremely valuable resource.

What sets us apart from most other professional, experienced, full time agents is what we charge our clients. Period. If given a choice to purchase the same product or service from two different sources, would you choose the higher priced or the lower priced one? Now, when you need to sell your home. You have a choice.

Remember, you don’t always get what you pay for. In some cases, you simply can pay too much. In most cases where you hire a more expensive broker, you may not end up "getting what you've paid for." Seem too good to be true?
That’s what every single seller that we’ve helped thought, until we sold their home and saved them big money in doing so.

Reach out to us today! Find out what efforts and services we will perform for you to get your home sold so you can make the comparison. Don’t be “romanced” by the other agents as they try to justify their rates.

*= 6% is a commonly charged commission rate. There are no "standard, traditional, normal" or otherwise commission structures. All agents are free to charge whatever rate the property owner and the agent agree upon.

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Erin J. O'Connor PLLC

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