Pre Listing


At this stage we meet to discuss your needs in selling your property. Since every home is different, we will go over:

Comps in the area
The value of your home based on those comps
Current market conditions
Unique characteristics of your home affecting its value

​Additionally, we can also discuss things you can do to enhance your home either for free or for a minimal investment that will present your home in its best possible light.

Once we establish listing date and terms, we will schedule our professional photographer to take pictures of your home as well as any other vendors in the event your property is getting enhanced marketing media. These will be the photos that will be on MLS as well as literally hundreds of public websites for potential buyers to see your home. Broker paperwork is taken care of virtually and your home goes on the market on the agreed upon date.

Active Listing Stage;

Once we are listed on the market our team will be there to answer any questions you may have. Call, text or email us. We answer our phiones and return messages. Promptly.
When your home gets shown, the buyers agents are automatically sent a quick survey requesting feedback on your property. If they respond, this feedback will be provided to you in real time as we receive it. This is a very helpful tool in knowing what buyers are thinking in regards to your property.

We field any and all calls from other agents and/or online inquiries from potential buyers. We make sure that buyer's agents requests for showings are facilitated

If your home is the type of home that could benefit from having open houses, we will schedule these with you. Occasionally a home is located in a high traffic/highly desirable area that garners a great deal of walk in traffic. While not always the case, your home may benefit from having an open house. If you're agreeable, we will hold the property open.

Under Contract Stage;

At this stage we work with you and the buyers agent to consummate a deal that’s as beneficial to YOU as possible. Our experience in negotiating hundreds of real estate transactions over the years is extremely helpful in maximizing your equity.
Once negotiations are final and you have accepted an offer, the buyers agent will schedule any and all inspections the buyers wish to have performed, we help negotiate all repair requests and make sure that the buyers don’t take advantage of you. We can even provide you with vetted and experienced trades that can help make the necessary repairs as requested by the buyer at reasonable costs.

Once your home is ready to close escrow, we review all closing docs for errors and insure that you aren't being charged anything that could affect your bottom line. A simple error on the HUD-1 can be hundreds of dollars of lost money to you. We do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen. You schedule your signing with the escrow office, and...

Congratulations! Your property is sold and you saved a ton of money!

Again, we are always there for you during each stage, exactly as you would expect your agent to be irrelevant of what they are charging you!

*= 6% is a commonly charged commission rate. There are no "standard, traditional, normal" or otherwise commission structures. All agents are free to charge whatever rate the property owner and the agent agree upon.

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