Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much is the flat fee?

A. Our flat fee is as follows;

Sales price:         Our Fee:
$0 -$200k           $2495
$201k -$399k      $3495
$400K-$599k      $3995
$600k-$699k      $4995

$700k- $799k     $5595

$800 +                 Negotiable 

The above rates are for the listing commission only. The reason for the fluctuating fee is simply because the higher priced homes are typically more luxurious and as such, broker fees are higher and additional marketing efforts are utilized. These additional efforts may include all or some of the following: aerial drone footage, night and dusk photography, listing video and special advertising directly to luxury brokers in the area.

See these additional efforts in these videos from FOX Business Network on the show "Bob Massi is The Property Man."


Q. When is the flat fee commission due?

A. At close of escrow. Just as you're already accustomed to paying.

 Q. How long is the listing?

A. Our typical listings are 5 months.

If a home doesn’t sell in this amount of time, simply put, it's priced incorrectly. Proper pricing is crucial and will determine whether or not the home sells quickly or even at all. Some more expensive homes naturally have longer listing periods. The listing time frame is flexible depending on your needs and the property. In some cases, like in Active Adult Communities, these communities have very distinctive "Seasons" in which homes are predominantly sold. A longer listing period may be needed or waiting to list the home until the known buying season. 

Q. Why is your team so inexpensive compared to other agents?

A. We choose to price our commission based on the scope of work.

We charge based on the time we have involved, the expenses incurred and the fees paid to our brokerage and NOT the value of the home. The services we perform for you are the same irrelevant of sales price of your home. The paperwork, fiduciary duties, brokerage responsibilities, time involved in followup with clients and other agents and all other tasks related to the sale of your home are THE SAME. Our experience level in getting homes sold is the same, no matter what the price point is.  Additionally, because our paperwork and procedures are very automated and streamlined, this has allowed us to manage our time and costs on each transaction. Think about it... would you pay a automatic car wash to charge you based on the resale value of your car to wash your car?  Of course not. That would be absurd. Then why would you allow a real estate agent to charge you the same exact way?

Q. How much does the buyer’s agent get?

A. We recommend offering the buyers agents a full 3% commission at all times.

This is above our flat rate and also due at close of escrow. Offering less to the agents could handicap your homes ability to sell quickly and for top dollar. The buyer’s agents really are the ones with the hardest job and the heaviest workload, because of this, we believe they deserve a 3% commission. In some cases you can offer a buyer broker a lesser commission depending on market conditions, unique and highly desirability of your home or the area its in etc. We want you to maximize your profits so if we are able to identify that offering less to a buyer broker will not cause your home to sell slower or not at all, we will make that recommendation.

Q. I have seen this flat fee service as low as $299.00. Why are you so much more?

A. The biggest difference between those services for a few hundred dollars and ours is we are full service, and we are there every step of the process. With those types of services you are 100% on your own.

We are there every step of the process. With those services you are 100% on your own. Those services are commonly referred to as "limited service" or “Rent-a-MLS.” Those agents putting your home in MLS will not assist you in any way whatsoever other than putting your home into the MLS system. They offer no advice or counseling. They will not provide assistance at all with the contracts or the processes. They will not provide you any of the market specific info crucial to selling your home. Additionally, some buyer’s agents shy away from showing homes listed by those services as they know they will be forced into dealing with the homeowner directly.


Q. Do I need to worry about getting little to no service as a result of not paying more money like other agents charge?

A. Absolutely not! In fact, we are eager to not only do a great job for you but also do it for far less than any agents you've worked with in the past. We believe that because of the evolution of the internet and the access to data that homeowners have, higher priced listing brokers and brokerages are a dying business model, we are simply getting in front of that inevitable industry change. It’s only a matter of time before homeowners demand lower commission rates as a result of the increased level of technology involved in real estate sales. Skeptic? Read our references here.


Q. Does the old phrase “You get what you pay for” apply to using this discounted service?

A. Of course not.

This line is LITERALLY the only thing that competing agents will say when they are asked about listing your home with an agent that doesn't charge a high % of sales price based commission. They simply have ZERO logic whatsoever if asked, "Why should I pay you based on the sales price of my home?"  One would wonder if you “get what you pay for” when you hire a broker and pay them 3% of the sales price of the home to do the same job that they would perform on a lesser valuable home, for far less money. Be aware, because other agents cannot possibly give you a reason why their paycheck should be dependent on your sales price, they will do nothing but badmouth or bash a business model like ours.

Q. If I am re-purchasing another home, am I required to use you as our Realtor?

A. Yes.

If we help you save a great deal of money on your sale, then we would expect to help you purchase a home as well. Obviously based on our low flat fee, multiple transactions and volume is the only way we can continue to offer our low flat listing commission. If you're moving out of state and purchasing a home elsewhere, we can also help you locate a talented and skilled buyer's agent in that area. Please let us know up front if you're moving and purchasing in another state.

*= 6% is a commonly charged commission rate. There are no "standard, traditional, normal" or otherwise commission structures. All agents are free to charge whatever rate the property owner and the agent agree upon.

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